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Whether you wish to acknowledge it or not, energy surrounds both our physical and emotional lives. Have you ever walked into a store or apartment and felt a “vibe” that just wasn’t right? Do you feel a certain negative energy following you around throughout your day? While negative energies are part of daily life, how you handle this energy truly determines its effects. Eliminate negative energy from your life, home and workplace by following several tried-and-true tips.

Eliminate a Messy Environment

For many, how they feel internally is displayed in the cleanliness of their home, car or workplace. It’s not uncommon that those feeling an extreme presence of negativity find their living environment to be disheveled and messy. On the flip-side, those with light, positive energy typically surround themselves in an orderly, clean space. Because our environments greatly affect our mental state of mind, and vice-versa, take control by:

  • Clean Your Home, Car and Work Space – Organize your closet and eliminate clutter along all surfaces. Deep clean your room and other spaces. Imagine the clutter, dust and debris as being the physical manifestation of all negativity. Eliminate this negativity by eliminating clutter. You’ll be surprised how an organized, clean and open environment dramatically enhances your ability to think clear and calm thoughts.
  • Clean the Energy – Eliminating negative energy levels from your living and work environments is more than ensuring everything is organized. Push the energetic restart button by cleansing energy through sound. Using your hands, a drum or even pots-and-pans, walk throughout each space and create loud banging sounds. Noise vibrations disturb negative energy patterns, and free them from the space. Not sure if this will work? Have you ever noticed the calm that occurs after a major thunderstorm? The audible disruptions in energy are to thank. Harness this same power and enjoy its calming benefits within your home and mind.
  • Invite Peaceful Air Into Your Life – Along with altering the physical energy levels of your home by eliminating clutter and breaking up energy patterns, invite peace into your spaces by opening windows for a fresh breeze. Negative energy has a tendency to make air stale. Eliminate all traces of negativity by flushing your spaces with fresh air. Don’t have windows to open? No worries, set up several box fans and burn incense within each room. Circulating air and replacing it with the fresh scent of your favorite incense eliminates negative energies from hiding in the corner.

Reduce Internal Negative Energy

While outside influences play a direct role in negative energy, most experience overwhelming sensations of negativity because they allow it. Whenever you’re feeling down, look inward for the solution. The most effective ways to get rid of internalized negative energy include:

  • Improve Mood Vibrations – Did you know we can become chemically addicted to sadness and negativity? These emotions create specific hormonal and chemical changes within your brain. Free yourself from a negative energy addiction by simply smiling and laughing more. Even when you feel so tired, sad and negative that all you want to do is curl into a ball, force yourself to recall happy moments. Force laughter and smiles into your realm. Doing so creates genuine psychological changes, which improve your vibration and overall mood.
  • Meditate on Good – Your mind is powerful. You actually control most negative thoughts and energies. Regain this control by meditating on good, positive thoughts. Even when life seems to be nothing but an uphill battle, meditate on how thankful you are to be alive for this battle. Rearrange negative thoughts to not dismiss their reality, but to prevent its existence from bringing you down.
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You’ve probably heard people talk about positive energy before, and if you’re interested in spirituality, you’ve likely sent some out into the universe with hopes of receiving it back. Making positive energy work for you isn’t just about wishing and hoping though; you can actually harness its benefits in much more concrete ways.

Change the Way You Think

Positive energy often places an emphasis on the ways the mind, body and soul work together, so you need to ensure that they are in harmony. Envisioning something positive in your life might help to bring it about, but you can still be more concrete. The way that you face life is heavily based upon the way that you think about it. When you see a stumbling block, consider it a way to acquire a new strength in getting around it. Work to turn negative situations into positive ones, and you’ll soon notice that you do this automatically.

Fuel Your Body

While your body and your spirit are distinct entities, you need to fuel your body properly to ensure that you have the health and rigor to keep up with your new positive attitude. Speak with a doctor and a dietician to develop an eating plan that is right for you. Consider a plan that lines up with the other goals you have in life. For example, if you are a major advocate for animal rights, think about eliminating as much meat as possible from your diet. Be sure to incorporate exercise and physical activity here too.

Positive Energy and Personal Beliefs

Many people struggle to tie together the beliefs they were raised in with the ones they have come to develop by themselves as adults. Find ways to incorporate this sense of positive energy into your own belief system. Let’s say that you are an individual who believes in a very Judeo-Christian sense of the power of prayer. Consider a pray as a sender of positive energy to someone who is in need. When the puzzle pieces start to fit together, positive thinking and energy have the potential to become even more powerful.

Keep Trying

For a person to be positive 100 percent of the time is a great challenge. Even if you consider that state of mind to be your ultimate goal, recognize that you are likely going to falter once in a while. However, when you trip, don’t go all the way down on the fall. Just because you have a bad day does not mean that you need to have a bad week, month or year. Do not let the problems snowball. Instead, refocus yourself, perhaps through meditation or yoga, and allow yourself to start again. Part of positive energy is knowing that you always have the opportunity to try again.

Positive energy really can make a significant difference in your life, and if you talk to people who have harnessed its power, they will likely agree. First, you need to make room for positive energy in your life and make a solid commitment to incorporating it in your day-to-day routine.